10 Presents You Didn’t Ask for but Will Inevitably Get This Holiday Season

Photo by Abby Lass

By Abby Lass


1) A giftcard to a store you haven’t shopped at since 6th grade

2) Festive socks that don’t actually fit in your shoes

3) Some spa treatment that’ll probably just make you break out

4) A scented candle

5) A holiday-themed decoration that will spend 90% of the year in the attic

6) A book/magazine subscription about a subject your entire family wants you to major in

7) Something boring and practical that you won’t appreciate until you forget to bring it to college

8) The 12th edition of something that that one relative has gotten you every year since you were five

9) A fancily-flavored candy cane that just tastes terrible

10) A toy meant for your cousin that your grandma mislabeled and sent to you