10 Songs that Are Perfect for a Long Car Ride

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Denebola Staff

1) “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne

“I like you the way you are / when we’re drivin’ in your care / and you’re talking to me one on one / but you’ve become / somebody else ’round everyone else,”

2) “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj

“This one is for the boys with the boomin’ system / Top down, AC with the coolin’ system,”

3) “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

“This is ten percent luck / twenty percent skill / fifteen percent concentrated power of will / five percent pleasure / fifty percent pain / and a hundred percent reason to remember the name,”

4) “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

“Used to steal your parents liquor and climb to the roof / Talk about our future like we had a clue / Never planned that one day I’d be losing you,”

5) “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen

“This is the part, you’ve got to say all that you’re feeling, feeling / Packing a bag, we’re leaving tonight when everyone’s sleeping, sleeping / Let’s run away / I’ll run away with you,”

6) “Headline” by Drake

“Faded way too long I’m floating in and out of consciousness / And they sayin’ I’m back, I’d agree with that,”

7) “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham!

“You take the grey skies out of my way / You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day,”

8) “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

“Any other day I would call and you would say / Baby how’s your day but today it ain’t the same,”

9) “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green

“Yeah I’m sorry, I can’t afford a Ferrari / But that don’t mean I can’t get you there / I guess he’s an X-box and I’m more Atari / But the way you play your game ain’t fair,”

10) “Great Escape” by Boys Like Girl

“Throw it away, forget yesterday / We’ll make the great escape / and we won’t hear a word they say / they don’t know us anyway / Watch it burn, let it die / ‘Cause we are finally free today,”