10 Super Bowl Commercials that Made Your Day Even More Interesting

Image courtesy of mediad.publicbroadcasting.net

By Rebecca Levy

Pro Procrastinator

  1. Full Avocados from Mexico

Because who doesn’t love a good avocado commercial?

2. Coca-Cola

Because Coca-Cola commercials are always so inspiring.

3. Honda

Because celebrity high school yearbook pictures make everything better.

4. Budweiser

Because even though we all waited for a cute dog commercial, the immigrant commercial still made your heart melt.

5. Skittles

Because although this was kind of creepy, it was also kind of relatable.

6. Mr. Clean

Because it was just so weird.


Because who doesn’t love a colorful commercial with a cute family?

8. Audi

Because it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl commercial if it didn’t strike up a bunch of controversy.

9. Shields

Because “Roger that” is too good to ignore.

10. 84 Lumber

Because you can’t have a great game without a great commercial that pushes boundaries.