10 Terrible Choices We’ve All Made as High Schoolers

Photo by Annabelle Elmaleh

By Abby Lass


1) Consumed coffee after 7 pm in the name of getting work done

Must. Submit. Assignments.

2) Made choices solely for the purposes of getting into college

It’ll be worth it, though… right?

3) Joined a club in order to save a friendship that was clearly dying

And then being unsure whether or not you should stay after you guys have a falling out.

4) Decided to binge-watch nine seasons worth of a television show instead of studying for your midterm

This is definitely what your parents had in mind when they gave you a laptop.

5) Insisted on going to school while deathly ill and infected all of your friends

But this math test is clearly more important than my misery.

6) Scheduled all your events back to back to back to back on one day and realized that you won’t be home for 20 straight hours

At least we have takeout and caffeine to keep us company.

7) Skyped with a friend to study and realized at 1 am that you’ve learned nothing

Pretty much sums up the feeling.

8) Told yourself that you can be in charge of six things that all happen within a week of each other

Just keep telling yourself that.

9) Stayed up far too late because you hoped that someone would text you

Even though you were unwilling to text them first…

10) Ignored every sign that you needed a break until you inevitably crashed and burned

It’s nothing a few hours of sleep, a hot meal, and a good movie can’t fix– I promise!