10 Things Every South Student Who Has Taken the Bus Can Relate To

Photo by Rebecca Levy

By Rebecca Levy

Pro Procrastinator

1) Walking home in the cold and realizing you did not dress appropriately

2) Struggling to find your bus on short days

3) Sitting in the aisle and struggling to fit because the bus ran out of seats

4) Or sitting alone and hoping no one sits next to you

5) Having a go-to bus buddy so you don’t end up sitting next to the smelly kid

6) When the bus hits a bump and you realize that seat belts are there for a reason

7) Becoming best friends with your bus driver because why not

8) Waking up early to get on the bus and missing it

9) Listening to the bus driver yell at that one kid who refuses to sit down while the bus is moving

10) Waiting for the bus to finally reach your stop so you can finally go home and take a nap