10 Things Jazz Kids Everywhere Will Understand

Photo by Julie Samuels

By Jaehun Lee

Pro Procrastinator

1) When your section-mate nails a solo and you congratulate them as soon as they get back to the section

YES DUDE THAT SOLO WAS– shoot I missed my entrance…

2) When after a solo only a quarter of the audience claps

Umm… awkward.

3) When staying on the beat is wrong

Lay back kids!

4) When you get to play even wackier chords than the band kids

Jazz: 1; Band: 0

5) When the greatest slow songs in the world are jazz ballads

Why settle for a normal ballad when you have a jazz ballad?

6) When you know the 12-bar blues chord progression by heart

That’s probably what you’ve heard me muttering under my breath during class.

7) When by the time band rolls around you can barely play because you blew out your chops during A block jazz

I think I’ll drop my band part down an octave.

8) You have to scarf down your dinner on Mondays before rehearsal starts at 7pm

This Tango Mango burrito is going down in four big bites.

9) When the 4th part is the solo

So I wanted the 4th part because I didn’t want to work that much on this song?

10) Rehearsal becomes top priority because no one doubles your part.

I have four hours worth of homework. And early apps. And I need to get back on my sleep schedule. But jazz rehearsal…