10 Things that Band Kids Everywhere Will Understand

Band, chorus and orchestra playing "Meridian."

By Jaehun Lee

Pro Procrastinator

1) You randomly and unnecessarily obsess over strange chords

Oh the tension is here! And the resolution is there!

2) When being out of tune is a lifestyle

80 kids… playing the same note… oh dear…

3) The awkward atmosphere in band the day after the trombone girl and clarinet dude break up

So… let’s tune!

4) When you hear a song you played once in band and you stop everything and hum your part, even if it’s in the wrong key

“Winter Wonderland” is playing at the supermarket. I know what I must do.

5) Somehow not being disgusted when the brass players empty their spit onto the floor

Why is the group so wet? Oh, it’s just spit.

6) When you develop rivalries with Orchestra and Chorus

“Lincolnshire Posy” is such a boss piece that Orchestra just had to go and steal it.

7) The concert B-flat is engraved into your brain

Band director: “Everyone, let’s tune to a concert B-flat!”

Everyone: Ughhhh.

8) You unconsciously subdivide beats on pop songs

Did you know that “House of the Rising Sun” is in 6/8? So you count two beats but each beat gets three eighth notes and– oh, you’re not interested?

9) Cut time is the bane of your existence

I don’t want to subdivide a half note and you can’t make me.

10) When you’ve given up on being at the top of the social ladder.

A common stereotype about band kids is that we’re losers. I’ll tell you the truth: We don’t care.