10 Things You Definitely Did During This Four-Day Weekend

Photo by Dalia Bernstein

By Abby Lass


1) Stepped out of the house in a light jacket because you’re a hearty New Englander and immediately regretted your decision

Maybe a windchill of 0 merits a real coat…

2) Wore the same comfy outfit for more than 36 hours

The only person who is here to judge me is my cat, anyway.

3) Not only binge-watched a new series on Netflix, but also rewatched the entirety of one of your old favorite shows

What else are you supposed to do when you haven’t been able to leave your house since Wednesday?

4) Pretended you were upset when all of your plans got cancelled due to weather concerns

I can’t take the ACTs because the roads are unsafe? Oh no… guess we’ll just have to reschedule for never…

5) Actually been upset when all the work you put into planning something for this weekend went to waste because nobody could leave their house

Should I just eat the entire cake that I made for the party that got cancelled by myself? I’m thinking absolutely yes.

6) Got a long talk from your parents about every possible worst-case scenario that can occur when you go driving in snow

So what you’re saying is, I’m probably going to die? Great, thanks, good to know.

7) Mercilessly cleaned one part of your house as you got increasingly stir-crazy

Or maybe I’ll just move all the furniture in my room around, that’ll definitely stop the walls from closing in on me.

8) Agreed to do something dorky with your family because they’re the only source of real human contact you’ve got right now

If reenacting embarrassing baby photos with my parents is the sacrifice I make to maintain my sanity, I can accept that.

9) Insisted that you would get all your work done for next week (and then rethought that choice when you found out that Monday might be another snow day)

The due date’s just going to get pushed back again anyway.

10) Scoffed when a friend from a warmer climate asked if you were okay and insisted that you’ve seen way worse

Let the storm rage on, kids. We can handle it.