10 Things You See at Every High School Tech Day

Photograph by Matthew Martignoni

By Abby Lass, Darby Wilson, Jack Mayer, Jacob Decter, and John Stembridge

1) That one kid who shows up for a cue that came 20 minutes ago

And they claim they were in the bathroom but you all know they were playing the piano in the chorus room.

2) An obscene amount nourishment courtesy of of Dunkin Donuts

And by 5 pm, it will all be gone.

3) Kids committing way too hard when doing the same scene six times in a row

We appreciate your effort, but you’re making us all look bad.

4) Someone belting their face off and not realizing everyone else is holding

We hope you enjoyed your moment in the sun.

5) Excessively loud sound cues

Well, we’re all awake now.

6) Every phone immediately getting whipped out as soon as the word “hold” is uttered

Sometimes you just need a reminder that there’s a world outside of this dark auditorium.

7) That one kid trying to be productive and do homework in the dark

Though to be fair, they’ll probably be the only one who doesn’t turn in anything late during hell week.

8) Actors forgetting to say the one line that every cue hinges on

There are three words between us and every board op ripping off their headsets in frustration, you better get them right.

9) The kid who has never been in a show before and doesn’t understand any of the terminology

Unless you specifically hear your name over the god mic, don’t even bother.

10) Far too many live feeds from kids sitting in the wings waiting to go on

And you have to avoid all of them because you woke up six minutes before driving to school and look like a total slob.

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