10 Things You’re Definitely Going to Do This Thanksgiving Break

Photo by Abby Lass

By Abby Lass


1) Participate in some awesome family traditions…

Dog Show viewing party, anyone?

2) …as well as some less-awesome ones

No, Aunt Bertha, I’m not dressing up as a pilgrim.

3) Have an awkward conversation with a family member that you don’t remember ever having met

Great, good to see you, too, now who are you related to, again?

4) Spend more time with your relative’s pets than with them

Thank you for being the only one here who won’t tell me that my political views are stupid, Mr. Wiggins.

5) Convince yourself that you’re going to get ahead on all the work you know you’ll have next week

Getting ready to get stuff done.

6) Absolutely fail to get ahead on all the work you know you’ll have next week

Know what, I deserve some rest and relaxation.

7) Gorge yourself on delicious food…

Did someone say cranberry sauce??

8) … and then promise yourself that you’re going to work it all off tomorrow

Thanksgiving resolutions exist, right?

9) Take some artsy Thanksgiving pictures


10) Remember to be thankful for all of the awesome things and people in your life

What a wonderful world.