10 Ways to Demonstrate School Spirit That Don’t Involve the Thanksgiving Pep Rally

Photo by Julie Samuels

By Abby Lass


1) Cheer on any of South’s generally outstanding athletic teams at one of their games

There’s no better way to bond than by standing outside in the freezing cold yelling at someone to score a touchdown.

2) Come to a chorus/band/orchestra concert and hear all the difficult music your friends have been slaving over for the past ten weeks

Let me let you in on a little secret: if it sounds easy, it’s probably not.

3) Spend an evening at the show you keep seeing posters for

Prepare to be amazed by what three months of hard work can do.

4) Stop by the cultural event that club spent half the year planning

Pro tip: this is the best cheap food you will find in this town.

5) Buy pizza at a bake sale

You can feel good about supporting an important cause while also filling your stomach!

6) Ask someone how an event was if you couldn’t make it

You’d be surprised how much it can mean to someone that you remembered their involvement and cared enough to ask about it.

7) Talk to your classmate about something other than the homework

Take the initiative to turn a seat buddy into a best buddy!

8) Clean up after yourself (and others) when you eat lunch on the floor

It’s amazing what clean floors can do for general morale.

9) Assist your teacher in creating a functional and enjoyable classroom environment

Don’t be afraid of being “that kid”– for every classmate that is annoyed by your actions, two more are grateful for your presence.

10) Have a real conversation with a freshman

A few genuine questions about their life could literally make their day.