Meet the Staff

Abby Lass, Editor-in-Chief


Abby Lass is one of the co-editors-in-chief and a close personal friend of Captain Jack Sparrow. She enjoys hiding behind her computer, needlessly memorizing Shakespeare, and slowly indoctrinating everyone around her into her favorite fandoms. She hopes you’ll excuse any 2 am typos.

Ava Morollo, Editor-in-Chief


They see me Morollin’, they hatin’

Chloe Frantzis, Managing Editor of Arts


Chloe Frantzis started Denebola as a freshman in the news section and then migrated over to arts this year. She plays soccer, lacrosse, and the clarinet. She also collects Starbucks gift cards, and currently has 216. If you have any cool ones, let her know.

Rhea Dudani, Managing Editor of Multimedia


Rhea, currently a senior, has been invested in photography and film making throughout her high school career from taking video classes to photography classes at South.

Julie Samuels, Managing Editor of Multimedia


Julie has taken a lot of photos in her life. She’s not really good at writing bios because she only knows how to use a camera.

Cameron Dubin, Managing Editor of Sports


Cameron Dubin, an avid Boston sports fan, is currently in his 5th sports season as part of the Denebola sports staff. Cam recently had a career best season in the Newton Athletic Association Rec Basketball League averaging 6.7 points, dishing out 4.3 assist, and ripping down a ferocious 2.5 rebounds per game. He is a two sport athlete for South.

Noah Whiting, Managing Editor of Sports


Noah loves all sports, especially track and soccer. He also enjoys playing basketball occasionally, and is a member of the 2010-2011 5th grade NAA championship team which relied heavily on his 1.2 points per game coming off the bench. When he isn’t shooting hoops, Noah enjoys watching the Office and eating cereal.

Noy Alon, Managing Editor of School News


Noy Alon started Denebola as a freshman in the news section, and is now one of the managing editors. She dances ballet and enjoys walking her dog and hanging out with her twin sister. Her favorite food is the orange chicken from the Cheesecake Factory which she eats while watching Criminal Minds.

Jacqueline Lee, Managing Editor of Global News


Jackie loves current events, Oscar nominated movies and puns that are unintentionally funny!

Lauren Miller, Managing Editor of Opinions


Lauren is a lover of fresh fruit and running. Also writing.

Lily Borak, Creative Director of Procrastinate Here


Lily really likes bagels. She wrote an original rock-opera in the 3rd grade, featuring the music of Queen. The process was probably fueled by bagels.

Sophia Franco, Managing Editor of Features


Sophia Franco is the managing editor of features and loves running, particularly away from her own problems.  Her other interests include, acting, being really short and pretending like she knows what’s going on.

Samantha Armstrong, Social Media Editor

This is Sam’s first year on Denebola — she would have joined earlier, but she was too busy watching Disney movies and online shopping for things she cannot afford. Sam would also like to use this opportunity to take a public stance against manbuns.

Emily Fong, Webmaster


Emily knows what she’s doing only about three-fifths of the time. She has impeccable grammar and even more impeccable taste, and her hobbies include eating and running (sometimes at the same time). On Saturday mornings, you’ll find her out on the roads training for next year’s Providence marathon.

Sam Lee, Faculty Adviser


Mr. Lee only takes selfies to document his haircuts and hopes that band collar shirts catch on quickly at South #tielesstuesdays.

General Staff

Gil Alon (Arts)
Zandra Baskin (Arts)
Adrianne Goodfriend (Arts)
Jaehun Lee (Arts)
Elana Volfinzon (Arts)
Henry Walsh (Arts)
Gavi Azoff (News)
Lucy Kim (News)
Claire Kroger (News)
Simone Lassar (News)
Min Park (News)
Isabella Auerbach (Opinions)
Eddie Fleming (Opinions)
Alec Liberman (Opinions)
Aviva Rosenberg (Opinions)
Molly Walsh (Opinions)
Eu Ro Wang (Opinions)
Emily Aunins (Procrastinate Here)
Jack Landrigan (Procrastinate Here)
Jack Blessington (Sports)
Emily Bulczynski (Sports)
Karolina Coulter (Sports)
Dan Epstin (Sports)
Hannah Fraser (Sports)
Andrew Gundal (Sports)
Tianchen Hu (Sports)
Adam Hurwitz (Sports)
Toby Morollo (Sports)
Lexi Nelson (Sports)
David Patkin (Sports, News)
Drew Pollock (Sports)
Michael Ryter (Sports, Opinions)
Aidan Sutherland (Sports)

Photography, Graphics, and Videography Staff

Mel Egan (Graphics)
Jeana Kim (Graphics)
Annabelle Elmaleh (Photography)
AJ Kret (Photography)
Rebecca Levy (Photography)
Jack Tumpowsky (Photography)
Matty King (Videography)
Ariel Kohane (Videography, Arts)