8 Things to Remember as College Letters Start Coming Out

Image by Abby Lass

By Abby Lass


1) Your life choices are not suddenly invalid just because some school (even if it was your dream school) didn’t want you.

2) Disappointment and envy are natural, but remember that nobody “stole” your spot and try not treat anybody like they did.

3) You don’t owe anyone details or explanations that you don’t feel like providing. This is your experience, you can share as much or as little about it as you like.

4) Try to accept the love that people are throwing at you as best as you can– the people in your life are doing it because they care. Still, you’re also allowed to ask for some space and some quiet time.

5) You’re allowed to take a day off of school to process– I promise all your teachers will understand.

6) Feel free to celebrate your success, but be aware that not everyone is going to be able to meet your level of excitement, especially if their letter didn’t say what they wanted it to.

7) A rejection does not take away all the incredible things you have accomplished over the past four years and all the things you can accomplish over the next 40.

8) There are over 4,000 colleges in the United States. I promise that more than one of them has the capacity to make you happy if you just keep being yourself and doing what you love.

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Abby Lass is the managing editor of arts and an avid reader of Percy Jackson. She has a deep passion for overzealous rants, overcommitment, and excessive analysis.