8 Things to Remember as Term Two Comes to an End

Photo by Abby Lass

By Abby Lass


1) Long weekends and winter break always throw people off their game.

Not much you can do there.

2) It is totally valid that you got a little distracted with auditions and tryouts for your winter extracurriculars.

And not getting in does not making your efforts any less important.

3) You don’t get a 4.0 for being a good friend, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile pursuit.

You can’t complain about your life and eat food with your math textbook, now can you?

4) This term probably included some of the first really difficult exams of the year.

And everyone else in your class probably did, too.

5) A lot of really good movies and television shows have come out since term one ended, and it was definitely worthwhile to binge watch all of them.

I’m sure you can major in Netflix once you get to college.

6) You know where your priorities lie better than anyone else. If you managed to live by them, then you’ve already succeeded.

And we love you, too.

7) Your life and your sanity are important. If your grades suffered because there were problems in either of those areas, it was probably unavoidable and almost definitely not your fault.

And yet it always seems to be looking for you.

8) The year is far from over– there’s plenty of time to change your current grades and improve any bad habits.

And we believe in you!