A New Era For The Boston Celtics This Year: Recapping The 2013 Offseason

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By Daniel Carney

The Celtics’ Big Three era has officially ended, whether it’s the original Boston Three Party that won the NBA title in 2008, including Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, or the most recent Big Three comprised of Pierce, KG, and Rondo. The days of Pierce, Garnett, or any other dominant three-man combination in a Celtics uniform came to an end this summer.

Fifteen-year Celtic legend Paul Pierce along with 6-year Celtic great Kevin Garnett were surprisingly traded to the Brooklyn Nets this past offseason. It came as a shock to most Celtics fans, unable to picture these legends in Brooklyn uniforms next season, but I knew that it was inevitable as the duo entered  their last days of Boston in the 2013 playoffs.

The Celtics weren’t looking to have older pieces on their team anymore so they traded away the fourth quarter blow outs for draft picks and young talent coming to Boston.

The trade happened on June 28  to Brooklyn in exchange for three future 1st round draft picks (2014,2016,2018): Kris Humphries (yes, that is the guy Kim Kardashian was once married to), Gerald Wallace, MarShon Brooks, Kris Joseph, and Keith Bogans. The deal was finally completed and official on July 12, the day free-agency started.

The days of KG and Pierce are over and that is hard for Celtics fans, including myself, to realize. I can’t get out of my head all the times Garnett smashed his head against the padding of the hoop, or Pierce hit an unthinkable game winning shot, or that one time Garnett screamed at the top of his lungs “Anything is possible” after winning the NBA championship in 2008. And who could forget Paul Pierce’s heart, dedication, and passion for this team in the past 15 years? So what can I say to the Celtics of the past? I will miss you guys and we all wish you luck in Brooklyn.

With the two main leaders now departed it is a new era here in Boston, and guess what it is being labeled? That’s right! We as Celtic fans are all now apart of the “Rajon Rondo era.” Rondo is by far the best player on this team, but is he the best leader? This is something the Celtics have not figured out yet because the Celtics have not officially named their team captain yet.

It will be weird not seeing the guys Celtics fans have watching for the last 6 years play together in a Celtics uniform, but all great sports stories must come to an end. Let’s meet our new Celtics players and what’ that? A new coach? You bet: Welcome to Boston Brad Stevens and hello Los Angeles to former Celtic coach Doc Rivers.

Talking to my friends at school about the NBA is always funny because a few of my friends have said the Celtics will “suck” in the upcoming 2013-2014 season. I beg to differ. People who are true Celtics fans wouldn’t have that attitude and talk like that about the team they believe in. With the likes of All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, and premier defender Avery Bradley still in town there is no way this team will have fewer than 30 wins this season.

With the 8th spot up for grabs this year there is no saying that the Celtics can’t surprise you and take the last seed in the Eastern conference out of nowhere. When Rondo returns from his partially torn ACL he and his teammates will learn to look at him and Jeff Green as the new leaders of this franchise. With young talent like newly drafted Kelly Olynyk and young veterans ready to break out (Jared Sullinger) there is no saying what this team can accomplish this year.

It will be a nervous time leading up to opening night for many Celtics fans because they don’t know how their team will fare this year without their longtime superstar players. But let me tell you something: this team is not in “rebuilding mode”. There are still pieces there, and there is a bright future ahead for the Celtics with all the young talent added and many draft picks from Brooklyn ahead of them. Welcome to a new era Celtics fans! Its going to be a fun ride!

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