Denebola’s Mission Statement:

Named after one of the brightest stars in the Leo constellation, Denebola is Newton South High School’s official online newspaper. Converting from a print publication in 2012, Denebola possesses a storied heritage of award-winning news reporting that caters to South students and Newton community members alike. With sections ranging from school news to sports to our proprietary “Procrastinate Here” section, we strive to provide reliable, informative, and relative news and entertainment to the Newton community and beyond.

Denebola has a single, unifying goal: To represent you, a fellow student at South. As an extracurricular club, Denebola aims to highlight students in school activities and to highlight our communities accomplishments as well as give students a voice.

Since converting to online, Denebola has been recognized for:
2013 NSPA Pacemaker award winner
Featured in NSPA 19 “Best of High School Press”
2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 first place in “Excellence in Online Journalism” from Suffolk University
2014 and 2015 first place in “ALL – New England” in journalism from the New England Scholastic Press Association
2015 “Highest Achievement” in journalism from the New England Scholastic Press Association
2016 NSPA “Best in Show” 10th Place