Athlete of the Week: Andrew Pratt

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By: Emma Wenning, Lola Coulter, and Maddy Yorke
Sports Reporters

Andrew Pratt, a junior on South’s varsity hockey team, works hard to be an essential player on the ice. With his speed and skill, Pratt has demonstrated his ability to help the team win many games and make it to the tournament this year. Pratt will continue to be an impactful player next season as he will be one of the senior captains.

This week, Denebola got a chance down with next year’s captain Andrew Pratt, to discuss his future plans with hockey.

When and why did you start playing hockey?
“Well, my dad played hockey at Boston College so I got interested in that when I was young. It’s always been a great pleasure of mine to get out on the ice, and sports have always been something that I have taken well to. I was five when I started [playing hockey].”

What position do you play?
“I play center for the school team. The center takes the faceoff and works the middle of the ice.”

How do you train?
“I workout three times a week at pure performance, and that’s just great for getting strength. I also go to ‘Shoot to Score’ to improve my shot. I can definitely see the difference from all these things.”

Do you play for a club team?
“I play for the Walpole Express in the off-season and I am working at doing the New England Fall Prep League this fall.”

How did you manage academics with the early morning and late night practices?
“You just have to get stuff done on time and do assignments early if you can. There is definitely some nights where I am up late doing work.”

Now that your season is over, could you elaborate on your favorite moment of the season or the greatest achievement your team made?
“We started the season off with a two-game tournament against some good teams in our league, and we were not expected to do as well this year. Getting those two first wins really put the season in the right direction, and it was great.”

Are any key players graduating this year that will affect the season next year?
“I think the two most important players we will be losing are Sergey Bezrukov, who was really important for the power play and flow, and our goalie Arnon Goldberg, so hopefully we will have a freshman or sophomore goalie that can step up to those roles.”

What are your plans for hockey and the team for the future?
“We start doing off-season [practices] late spring into the summer and fall which will hopefully improve speed. Playoffs are a goal every single year, but we hope to make it past the first round and to make it to at least the divisional finals this year. We have the skill so our power play on offense should be strong this year, and we just hope to regroup defensively. I am looking at going to do a post-graduate year at a Prep school and I would like to play hockey for a D3 college.”