Athlete of the Week: Calene Lazare

By: Lola Coulter, Emma Wenning, and Maddy Yorke
Sports Reporters

Senior Calene Lazare has proved herself as one of the most essential runners in this year’s Newton South indoor track team as she has earned many impressive titles. This year, Lazare came first in the 55 meter at Division 1 states, as well as second in 55 meter at States. She also placed third in the 55 meter at New England. Lazare also holds the school record for both the 55 meter and 300 meter events.

Lazare is also planning to run the 60 meter event and the Sprint Medley Relay at this year’s Nationals.

This, week Denebola had a chance to sit down with Lazare as she prepares for Indoor Nationals this weekend.

When and why did you start running?

“I started running in 7th grade because my mom forced me too. It was also something fun to do, so I went. I didn’t even take it seriously; I just went and joked around with my friends. Then I [realized], ‘I’m kind of good at this. Maybe I should start taking it seriously.’ So then, I [ran track] again in 8th grade and continued in high school.”

What events do you run?

“My individual events are the 55 [meter] and the 300 [meter]  in indoor, and the 100 [meter], 200 [meter], and long jump in outdoor. I do jump indoor, but I don’t like it that much. For relays, I do the 4×100, the 4×200, the 800 medley, and the sprint medley. I do a lot of different events.”

What is your favorite running season?

“I prefer indoor, and I think it’s because the 55 is short, sweet, and simple. You don’t have to do too much, just run and that’s it.”

How do you train?

“On Tuesdays or Thursdays, or both, it is usually a tech day, so usually I just do specific events like long jump or work on handoffs or block starts. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are usually a workout, so sometimes we do some repeat 200s or 150s or something like that.”

Could you explain the training process you went through in order to come first in D1 states and second at all states in the 55 meter?

“For D1 states I wouldn’t say there wasn’t something specific I did. I went to practice, did the workouts, and that’s it. For All States, I was sick the week before so I was just in bed most of the week. I guess this helped because I was well rested, but I wouldn’t say there was something specific I did to help me win.”

What are your hopes for yourself and the team for the outdoor track season?  

“My hope for the team is that we go undefeated in the DCL season and win the DCL. My hope for myself is to just carry on my good record from indoor to outdoor.”

Do you have any plans for running in the future?

“I am definitely going to run in college, I just don’t know where I want to run yet.”