Athlete of the Week: Lucy Jenks

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By Maddy Yorke, Lola Coulter, and Emma Wenning
Sports Reporters

Freshman Lucy Jenks, a star player on the varsity soccer team this past season, has carried over her athleticism from the fall to this year’s winter track season. With incredible speed, Jenks is a stand-out new edition to the track team. Jenks won the 600 meter event at the annual Frosh/Soph meet, coming in with a time of 1:37.91 to make her the top underclassman in the state. Jenks also ran a 42.46 in the 300 meter event, only .51 seconds away from the school record.

Jenks is not only a speedy sprinter, but races well in middle distance and distance events too; she has the ability to compete in almost every event.

This week, Denebola got a chance to sit down with Jenks as she continues her impressive season.

When did you start running track and why?
“I started in eighth grade because I thought it would be fun for the social aspect. I also needed to get in shape, especially for soccer.”

What event do you run?
“I run the 600 meter, the 300 meter, and sometimes relays like the 4×2 and the 4×4.”

How do you train?
“On Tuesdays and Thursdays we go on long runs, while on the other days I do distance workouts. On Saturdays there are tech days, which is relay practice for me, and on Sunday I do another long run on my own.”

How does soccer help with track?
“Soccer gets you in a good “base shape”, and then you can work from there. Soccer is helpful because it makes it a lot easier to get better at the start of the indoor track season rather than starting the season out of shape and trying to get into your best shape in a short amount of time.”

We heard you won the 600 meter at the Frosh/Soph meet. Describe how you were able to reach such success at the beginning of your freshman year?
“Well, I wasn’t expecting to win. My first 600m race was not very fast, so I was a little nervous to run at frosh/soph because I didn’t think I could do very well. When I won, I was very excited and happy because I proved myself wrong.”

What are your hopes and goals for the season?
“I hope to continue to (set personal records), and get faster each race. I hope to [qualify for states] and do well at states. My goal is to continue to be the best I can be and be in really good shape.”