Athlete of the Week: Mike Pasqualini

Photo courtesy of Mike Pasqualini

By Emma Wenning, Lola Coulter, and Maddy Yorke
Sports Reporters

Mike Pasqualini, senior captain of the varsity golf team, has been a remarkable member of South’s team for his whole high school career.

Pasqualini secured a spot on the varsity golf team coming into his first year at Newton South. He has demonstrated his crucial role as both a player and as a leader throughout his four years on the golf team.

He is currently leading the team as they attempt to make a postseason push into the MIAA State Tournament.

This week, Denebola got a chance to sit down with Mike Pasqualini as he leads the golf team this season.

When did you start playing golf?
“I’ve been playing since the 3rd grade, so almost ten years now I think. I was probably seven or eight when I finally gave into my dad’s urging to pick up golf which is pretty late in all honesty.”

What’s your average holes per match? What was your highest round?
“All of our matches are 9 holes and we have to play a point as opposed to typical stroke play due to limited daylight in the fall. I believe my highest point total in a match this season was around 21 or 22. If I can get anything around 18 or 19 on average for a match and get points on the board for every hole then I’ll typically be pretty satisfied.”

How do you train?
“I have a personal trainer that I work with and we specifically focus on golf related exercises so a lot of lower body and core work and I have a swing coach at my golf club that I work with every now and then. In the summer I’ll train more rigorously by having long range sessions but school just doesn’t allow enough time for me to do that.”

Have you ever gotten a hole in one? If so, when?
“I’ve never gotten a hole in one, unfortunately. I’ve come close before and I was convinced I had gotten one on the first day of this season’s tryouts, only to find out that my coach had played a cruel prank on me.”

Do you have any pre-match rituals?
“I don’t really have some sort of set pre match routine nor do I have any superstitions or anything like that. Typically I’ll just hit a few practice putts and swings before I start and listen to some music that I like at the moment.”

Do you see golf as a team sport?
“In the format we play for sure. Obviously everybody on the team wants to make sure that their personal point total is as high as possible just due to how golf is typically played as an individual, but the team is always most important which is cool. It adds a much different dynamic to golf that you normally don’t get by yourself.”

How do you think the golf team will be this year?
“We’ve played really well. There are a few kids on the team that can really play and everybody has played an integral part to the team this season. Our goal this season was to reach State Qualifiers which would mean we need to go .500 [7 wins] and moving from DCL Large to the DCL small has certainly helped us out too, which allows us to play certain teams like Waltham and Cambridge more than once, both teams being virtually automatic wins.”