Athlete of the Week: Noah Gans

Photo courtesy of Noah Gans

Up until this fall, senior Noah Gans was a star player on his club soccer team, FC Bolts academy. By playing for the academy, Gans was unable to play for Newton South as well.

This year, Noah has made a huge transition and has decided to end his club career to pursue his want in playing high school soccer.

Denebola was given the chance to sit down with the newest addition to the Newton South Boys Varsity Soccer team as they get ready for their upcoming season.

Why did you start playing soccer?
“My dad played professionally in America indoors a long time ago, so he introduced soccer to me. My grandpa came over from Germany and he was really into soccer, and he introduced my dad to soccer, and then he introduced me to it at a really young age, when I was two or three. I have played soccer every since.”

What are some special ways you prepare or train?
“Before this year, I played club soccer, and we usually have three trainings a week plus one or two games on the weekend. I either relax on the days in between or go for a run. Sometimes I kick a ball around the house to stay active and always keep myself sharp.”

Do you have any special routines or superstitions before games?
“I always wear a different shirt to warm up in than I am going to play in. I don’t like getting sweaty in what I am going to be wearing during the game. Either the night before games and/or right before the game, I always like to sit and visualize and imagine myself in certain situations on the field and what I would do in them so that when I am actually in the situation, I have an idea about what I want to do. It may seem funny but it really works and also serves as a calming, meditation-like process.”

What made you decide to play for South this year? Can you walk us through the switch and explain why you couldn’t play for South before?
“It is my first year playing for South and I am a senior, so as I said before, I was part of a club team called Bolts, and it is designated by US Soccer as an academy. There are about 70 of them around the country. In this club, you are not allowed to play high school soccer because they are trying to feed into the next national team, so they are trying to find the best players and keep them in the best environment possible. They don’t think high school is going to contribute to improving the players enough, so they don’t let you play high school when you are playing in those academies. The clubs are where all the college recruiting happens. Now that my college recruiting is all set, I don’t have to worry about getting myself seen, so I decided why not have fun with my last year, enjoy it, and play for the high school which is something I have always wanted to do.”

What are your plans for the future with soccer?
“I am going to be playing in college. I don’t know where yet. I am still yet to decide. After college I will probably play recreational, I am not trying to go pro or anything like that. I sort of use soccer to get into a school I normally would not be able to get into. It’s looking like it’s something I will be able to do, and that’s the end goal.”

How do you think the team will be this year?
“I have high hopes for the team, I think we have a lot of good and talented players. We lost our first game, so we need to figure out some chemistry things and getting to know and play with each other. That will all come by practicing a lot and playing games. It will all start to come together. We had a rough first game but hopefully we can get back on track. We have a lot of good players, I’m pretty confident of what we can do. The goal is to make the tournament; it is something we haven’t done in a while.”