Athlete of the Week: Sammy Saada

Photo courtesy of Sammy Saada

By Emma Wenning, Lola Coulter, and Maddy Yorke
Sports Reporters

Sammy Saada, captain of South’s varsity dance team her junior and senior year, has been an important member on the team for four years.

By leading the team to a first place title at their competition last week, Saada has shown her dedication and leadership towards for the team.

Following dance team’s impressive first place title, Denebola got a chance to sit down with Sammy Saada and recognize her hard work.   

How long have you been dancing, and why did you start dancing?

“I’ve been dancing since I was three years old and I’ve been on South’s dance team since freshman year. When I was really young, I took baby dance classes and then started dancing competitively when I was in first grade doing hip-hop. Now I carry jazz, tap, ballet, and modern with that as well.”

What is your favorite part about dancing?

“My favorite part of dancing is definitely performing. Whenever I perform I feel like I am releasing my emotions through my movements. Whenever I’m having a bad day or a bad week, I always go to dance because it is therapeutic and makes me feel good. Dance is my escape from everything and helps me cope with my problems.”

After your coach resigned from her position and the team adjusted to that, did you feel like you had to step up and be more than just a captain?

“Yes, definitely. As captain, I do all the choreography which is a lot more pressure in addition to applying to college and doing well in school. I also dance outside of school so it’s a lot to balance but I really do love choreographing for the team. This season, I had to choreograph our competition dance within a week and teach it to the girls within a week so it was difficult but we managed to do well!”

How did you guys prepare and practice for your competition?

“We practiced Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday every single week for two hours. Sometimes I would make the girls stay about 15 minutes after practice to make sure the dance is clean and looks good for competition. I spent about four practices teaching the choreography and about one or two practices cleaning the dance, and if something didn’t look good I would go back and fix it. But since I had the choreography planned out before, I was pretty prepared for every practice.”

What kind of dance does DT specialize in?

Mostly hip-hop. We did two jazz dances this year that were jazzy-hip-hop, but I would say mostly hip-hop.”

What are your plans for dancing in the future?

“I want to dance in college if I can, either on a dance team or minor in dance. I hope I can do one of these because I don’t want to drop something that I have been doing for basically my whole life. Dance is really important to me and it makes me happy, and I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I didn’t dance so I hope I can continue dancing in the future.”