Athlete of the Week: Sydney Greene

Photo courtesy of Sydney Greene

By Maddy Yorke, Lola Coulter, and Emma Wenning
Sports Reporters

Senior captain Sydney Greene has been an impressive and crucial goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team since her freshman year, with a well-deserved spot as the starting keeper since her sophomore year.

Greene is crucial asset to the team and is a critical component to the team’s impressive success this season. The team has only given up 10 goals this year, largely due to Greene’s incredible skill in the net.

For her final year playing as the Lion’s goalkeeper, she has led the team to winning the DCL, an accomplishment never before done in Newton South girls’ soccer history.

This week, Denebola got the chance to sit down with goalkeeper Sydney Greene as she prepares for the tournament.

How long have you been playing soccer?

“I have been playing soccer since I was five. I started in Kindergarten.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“I actually do. I am a very superstitious person, so I have handshakes that I have to do with a lot of my teammates. Before the game starts, as I am walking on the field, I hit the crossbar and then spit in my gloves, kiss each glove, and then put them together and kiss them again.”

Just this week, the team beat Acton-Boxborough to win the DCL. Can you explain the amount of work, practice, and dedication that took and what this win means for the team in the future?

“Winning the DCL was huge because it has never happened in girls’ soccer history before at South. We all worked so hard starting in August. Every practice everyone puts in 100% and it has really showed off after the win against Acton-Boxborough. I think winning the DCL gives us a lot of motivation for the tournament, but we have to stay humble and can’t be cocky going into the tournament games. It’s really important for us to stay motivated and focused.”

Do you feel like you hold any responsibilities being captain of a DCL winning team?

“Yeah, I definitely do. In the last few minutes of very close and intense games, I think it’s really important to try to keep all of us calm, keep our composure, and pump up the team, especially when we are down a goal.”

How do you think you guys will do in the upcoming tournament?

“Hopefully, since we won the DCL, we will be placed in a top seed which means we usually play a team in a lower seed. Every game is a big game, though, so hopefully we will win the first round.”

Can you explain your back injury and how it is affecting your soccer career and your choice to play in college?

“The club season of my junior year during a game, one of the discs in my thoracic section split in half and the two beneath it bulged out which is just a lot of pain. I had to take a break so that I wouldn’t need surgery or anything. During intense games when I’m diving a lot or on the ground a lot, it’s really painful. Before I had the injury, I knew I did not really want to play in college just because I have been doing it my whole life at a really high level, and I knew I would want a break. I definitely also don’t need this pain when I’m in college.

What are your plans for soccer in the future?    

“I play on a coed futsal team which is just pure fun and not at a high level or intensity. It makes me remember that soccer is still so fun when it is not as high intensity as it is for South. I’ll probably play intramural in college since I have been playing since I was five and I know that I would miss it if I stopped playing.”