Athlete of the Week: Willa and Daphne Frantzis

Denebola Staff

By Lola Coulter, Maddy Yorke, and Emma Wenning
Sports Reporters

Sophomores Willa and Daphne Frantzis have been a key duo on the varsity hockey team for the past two seasons, as they carry over their athleticism from varsity soccer from the fall. The Frantzis twins played both varsity soccer and varsity hockey their freshman year and have continued to be instrumental on both teams this year.

During the hockey season, Daphne’s goalkeeping is key to the Lion’s success, while Willa’s defensive power is essential. In the game this past Saturday, Willa won the “Golden Stick”  which is given to the player who worked the hardest and is the MVP of the game.

Although the twins are only sophomores, they both show tremendous talent on the Lion’s soccer and hockey teams.

This week, Denebola got a chance to sit down with Daphne and Willa Frantzis as their hockey season continues.

When did you guys start playing hockey?

Willa: “We both have been skating our whole lives, but we officially started playing hockey in third grade.”

How do you think the team will be this year?

Willa: “Hopefully we will do pretty well. I don’t think we are going to be as good as last year.”

Daphne: “Last year we lost a lot of really good players, but we have some new players this year who are pretty good. We have a pretty solid team. We will just have to see how it plays out”

The Newton South girls’ hockey team is combined with Brookline’s team. What is that like to play on the team with another school?

Willa: “It is definitely better for the team because if we weren’t combined, there wouldn’t be nearly as many players.”

Daphne: “It is also really fun. It is a great group of people from both schools and we work well together.”

Two days a week you guys practice early in the morning. How do you balance bad practice times with academics?

Willa: “Practice in the morning is 5:30-6:30, so we get up at 4:40 and then drive to the rink and get ready.”

Daphne: “It’s hard. You have to be able to plan ahead and get your homework done early, so you can get to sleep early and then get up in the morning for practice.”

How does playing soccer help with hockey?

Daphne: “I think it is always good to play multiple sports because then you’re able to develop and it’s a balance. Also, the positioning and the game strategies are similar in both sports, so that helps a lot.”

Willa: ”Having similar positioning and game strategies in soccer and hockey helps your instincts on what to do.”

What are your future plans for hockey?

Willa: “I will definitely continue through high school and am thinking about college”

Daphne: “Yes I will keep playing through high school, but we aren’t sure yet about playing in college.”

What is it like to be on the same team for soccer and hockey as your twin?

Daphne: “We play pretty similarly. For hockey we play different positions; I play goalie, and Willa is defense, so it is kind of different. In soccer, sometimes we know what each other is going to do and that is better. Sometimes we think to do the same thing, which sometimes isn’t good.”