Avoiding Work During Free Time is not Necessarily a Bad thing

Photo by Annabelle Elmaleh

By Eddie Fleming

Opinions Contributor

South has time set aside during the day to do work in the form of J-blocks or a canceled classes, but a certain percentage of students will always choose to relax in lieu of getting an early start on that essay or those notes; and there is nothing wrong with that.

J-block is not expressly intended to be a work time, and so the behavior of students during this time tends to be “a little more unruly, and very, very social,” according to South library worker Janelle Knespel.

J-block also serves as a time when friends with no classes in common come together, and a time when clubs meet. In retrospect, it is not surprising at all that relatively few students actually do work during J-block.

During other times in the school day when students have a respite from classes, completing work is more common.

“[The] other blocks that are more academic focused,” Knespel said. “They seem to be more spread out because there is more studying that’s happening during those other periods.”

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

“Most of my friends will talk if there’s someone who has a free block with them,” junior Mason Osborn said. “Some of my friends will play games. I know that’s a pretty common thing that I’ve seen.” Evidently, postponing the labor of schoolwork is something that happens all throughout the school day.

However, there is no real reason to feel guilty about not taking the chance to get an early start on that aforementioned essay. Life at South isn’t such a miserable thing, but it is also far from being stress-free. School can be taxing, and using your time out of class to unwind is a worthy pursuit.

These free moments are, by definition, times freed up so you can use it to do whatever it is you need to do. Giving yourself some time off fits the description.

This is high school, and with high school comes more freedom to choose what you do and when you do it. When it comes down to it, you have the freedom to choose when to buckle down, and with that the choice of when to slow down your pace for a while; you have the freedom to make that homework wait.