Awaken, My Love! Shows Off Whole New Sound for Donald Glover

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By Arielle Rubel

Arts Reporter

Donald Glover returns after a two-year hiatus with his third Childish Gambino album titled, Awaken, My Love!

Different from what most of his fans are used to, Glover’s album isn’t in his traditional hip-hop style. Instead, this album focuses on a captivating R&B/Soul feel.  Each song is extremely different and unique from one another, but still manages to cling to a common funk sound.

The funk and 70’s-80’s groove delivered by Glover resembles many iconic artists from those musical eras. Like many other artists in 2016, he brought back the style of many music idols. Glover adopts many different and unusual tones, making his voice almost unrecognizable. But this is definitely a good thing, as it gives him a new and refreshing sound.  

One major flaw I did find part of Glover’s album was its length. After almost three years of waiting for a new release, he finally does come out with one– and it is only 11 songs long! I think it’s fair to say that fans were expecting a bit more. Still, even with such a short album, he is able to convey a strong message within the music.

Listening to each song carefully, I noticed Donald Glover communicates carefully with his audience, delivering a story and a point of view in each song. Grove covers everything from family, to racial national divides, to the intimacy of romantic love, and to the intricacy of brotherly compassion.

Overall, I think Donald Glover’s Awaken, My Love!  was an amazing album. He gave us music with a sound that was new and old at the same time. It showcased his voice extremely well, and even in ways we haven’t heard before. I’m excited to see what else he has in store for his fans in the future. Lets just hope it doesn’t take another three years.