Best and Worst Fashion of 2016

Images compiled by Abby Lass

By Gil Alon

Arts Reporter

The fashion of 2016 has been marked by the revival of the 90s. The blast from the past fashion that started in 2015 went to the extreme in 2016. 

Perhaps the most conspicuous throw-back item is the choker. What started as simple black chokers– sometimes even just a shoelace tied around the neck– turned into a phenomenon. Now every jewelry store has joined the trend of chokers. Some are now even made from gold, silver, and leather. These simple pieces of jewelry add the perfect touch to almost any outfit.

Though this simple jewelry piece is perfect for dressing up an outfit, the classic and comfortable trend of baggy jeans stayed strong as well. The denim became increasingly full of slashes and just generally baggier as the year progressed into spring and summer. Brands took more risks, putting holes in various places on the pant. As much as these jeans added a new contemporary element to outfits, holes in jeans have been getting a bit too large.

The brand of the year is most definitely Adidas. From collaborations with everyone from Pharrell to Rita Ora, Adidas sneakers have became a must-have. With eye-catching and cool street style sweatshirts, new adidas apparel is very exciting, catching widespread attention. Hopefully Adidas continues to design and sell beautiful and edgy pieces like they have in 2016.

Overall, 2016 was the year of neutral pastel tones. Bright colors are replaced with light pinks, muted blues, and mellow yellows. This change in color matched the more vintage feel stores tried to emulate throughout the year. These colors were different from other years, and brought a fresh vibe into stores that usually focused on white, grey and black palette.

In addition, more attention was put on sneakers for women than any year before. From Adidas to Puma, brands either brought back vintage designs or made new edgy designs for women. This was a great shift from the usual uncomfortable shoes that women feel pressured to wear from the fashion world.

Speaking of practical, bodysuits exploded in 2016. These make wearing skirts and layering very easy. Coming in many shapes to fit all body types, these suits are unexpectedly very comfortable and hopefully will continue to grow in popularity as 2017 arrives.

Similarly, one-piece swimsuits also saw a dramatic increase in popularity during 2016. In the summer, these swimsuits were seen everywhere. One-pieces brought an artistic quality of swimwear that two-pieces simply can’t grasp. They were beautiful, unique, and brought a new wave of excitement to the beach. They will hopefully will return next year.

2016 was also the year of experimenting with unexpected fabrics, most notably mesh and velvet. From leggings to completely sheer tops and dresses, mesh was seen everywhere. Adding an edge to every outfit, mesh provided a new texture and piece for fashion lovers to incorporate into their wardrobes.

Velvet everything also manages to add a bit of zest to an outfit while still keeping it classy, if used sparingly. However, the explosion of velvet has surpassed what that I believe is necessary. This fabric, though, should continue its rise in shoes, as the look is incredibly modern and very unique.

The worst trend of the year goes to vintage tee shirts. Even with their cool aesthetic, a shirt that is intentionally ratty should not cost $30. In addition, many of the people wearing them do not even enjoy the random oldie band listed on the them, making them very hypocritical.

Overall, 2016 was a year of the return of vintage street style fashion. New jewelry, textures, and brands were all brought out into the spotlight. Hopefully 2017 will bring just as many exciting and unique trends in the fashion world.