Best Club Profiles of 2016

Photos by Jeana Kim, Jordan Eng, Justin Shuster, and Hannah Cole

By Noy Alon

Managing Editor of News

South Welcomes New Publication, Rasalas

By Simone Lassar

As the newest online literary magazine at South, Rasalas hopes to give students the opportunity to showcase their creative works, including photographs, poetry, music, or plays.

The organization hopes to work together with other South publications and wants to inspire students to explore their creative side.

Dreamfar Completes Providence Marathon

By Min Park

After months spent with extensive preparation and dedication, the Dreamfar club completed the Providence Marathon after months of training.

The team credits this milestone as one of the proudest achievements in their lives and looks to underclassmen to continue the tradition.  

The Automotive Racing Club Sets Historic Goal

By Lucy Kim

Seniors Justin Shuster and Simone Steele began the Automotive Racing Club to give South students an opportunity to use their technical skills and car knowledge to work towards a concrete goal.

Despite no school funding and some negative association, the club hopes to restore cars and then use these cars for races and bring a positive image of racing to South.

Hard Work and Dedication Propel the Lions Roar to Prestigious Pacemaker Award

By Noy Alon

The Volume 32 staff of the Lions Roar, with focus and the work of passionate editors and reporters, received the honor of the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Pacemaker Award.

The Roar attributes their success to their emphasis on creating a community, which allows for a more united club and a professional paper.   

South Wins Second and Third at Technovation Challenge

By Simone Lassar

At Technovation Challenge, a technology competition dedicated to female coders, South teams finished second and third with their apps Homework Helper and Trace, respectively.

The teams want not only to introduce their apps to the South community, but also hope that other female students will want to join the Technovation Club and try coding.