Best In-Depth News Stories of 2016

Images by Melanie Egan, AJ Kret, Rebecca Levy, and Rachel Honigsburg

By Noy Alon

Managing Editor of News

Locker Room Talk: Being  Gay in South Athletics

By Noah Whiting

Newton’s progressiveness and acceptance has allowed South, for the first time, to name two seniors who are members of the LGBTQ+ community captains of their athletic team.

Though this milestone demonstrates South’s commitment towards inclusion, more work remains to be done to ensure that all athletes participating in any sport feel respected.  

Has the Trump Effect Reached South?

By Noy Alon

Even with the election’ conclusion, the rhetoric of President-Elect Donald Trump continues to influence the actions of students as sexual harassment complaints and offensive symbols have emerged.

Teachers, in response, have stressed their commitment of combating any form of hate speech at South and their prioritization of student safety and comfort.    

Mixed Level Courses: Supportive Communities or Discoordinated Collections?

By Simone Lassar

South offers the unique opportunity for students to take courses with peers from all class levels, ranging from honors to college prep.

However, the students involved reflect that these courses can either develop as close knit support groups or confusing and unorganized compilations.  

Read more about mixed level courses here:

Do Service Trips Actually Make a Difference?

By Min Park

With Newton’s affluence, many South students consider going on service trips over the summer vacation as a way to give back to less privileged populations.

Students believe that these trips enabled them to not only help local villages, but also opened their perspectives to new cultures and experiences.

Social Media and the Birth of Slacktivism

By Ava Morollo

The rise of social media has caused to the increased popularity of a new response to frightening and horrific international events commonly known as “slacktivism”.

Slacktivism has lead to an outpouring of displays of support for victims of attacks across the world, but the authenticity and effectiveness of these comments has been called into question.  

Newton Public Schools Attempt to Implement Later School Start Times

By Noy Alon

As high school students for years have dealt with constant stress, Newton looks towards delaying the start times of both North and South to increase the amount of sleep students can have.

Even with the support of scientific research, students and teachers remain hesitant about the tangible benefits delaying the start times of schools will bring.