Best News Profiles of 2016

Photos by Julie Samuels, Rhea Dudani, and Sam Lee and courtesy of Albert Wu and Bill Humphrey

By Noy Alon

Managing Editor of News

Newton South Graduate Runs for Massachusetts Governor’s Council

By Simone Lassar

This election season, South Graduate Bill Humphrey ran for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council on a platform focused on tackling racial tensions and an opening a dialogue on controversial issues.

In addition, Humphrey emphasized the impact of attending Newton South on his political career as his first political experience occurred when he was elected to the South Senate.

A Mother for Everybody

By Brian Yoffe

As a student and parent in the METCO program, Katani Sumner, who now works as a South teacher and METCO counselor, constantly serves as an emotional, academic, and cultural supporter of students of color.

Sumner not only provides support to her students, but also helps other faculty members with race-related situations as she remains one of the few teachers of color at South.

Shira Abramovich Wins Heinzelman Award

By Noy Alon

Shira Abramovich, who graduated from South last year, won the Heinzelman Award for her collection of poems entitled Promiseland that discussed the complexities of being an Israeli American.

Abramovich used her strong voice and professional writing style to highlight a more moderate perspective on Israeli issues that are usually overshadowed by radical media and extremist groups.  

South Alum Albert Wu Finds Overnight Fame

By Jacqueline Lee

As Washington University in St. Louis became the backdrop for the second presidential debate, South Alum and current Washington University freshman Albert Wu took advantage of the extensive media coverage.

During a CNN live broadcast, Wu held up sign stating “ Student Debt Sucks” with his Venmo account, which resulted in not only the attention of media outlets, but also Wu raised hundreds of dollars.

Photo Teacher Robert Bouchal Retires After 25 Years of Teaching

By Simone Lassar

After teaching and heading the photography program at South for 25 years, Robert Bouchal’s decision to retire allowed his students to realize the impact that his welcoming and relaxing atmosphere has had.

Bouchal’s tangible passion and extensive knowledge of photography that enabled his students to confidently experiment and improve their own artwork remains irreplaceable at South.

Nathaniel Bolter Wins MA Journalist of the Year

By Chloe Frantzis

South Graduate Nathaniel Bolter, during his senior year, was named the Massachusetts Journalist of the Year after years of hard work and commitment to the Newton South newspaper, the Lion’s Roar.

Bolter’s pursuit of excellence in journalism led him to become one of the Editor in Chiefs of the Roar and fostered not only his knowledge, but also lasting relationships with teachers and fellow students.