Boys’ Basketball Falls to Needham High

Photo by Wingyee Huang

By Toby Morollo

Sports Reporter

On Friday, the boys’ basketball team fell to Needham in a tough game, with a final score of 78-60. The Lions struggled to gain the upper hand against Needham’s fierce offensive lineup, despite a warm showing from the home crowd.

The Lions offense started off slow. South couldn’t break Needham’s dominant defense, and finished a rough first half down 18-36. Turnovers heightened Needham’s lead and South was unable to hold them as the game continued.

Senior captain Sasha Hoban explains that South’s shortcomings throughout the game were due to lack of strong play against an already dominant team.

“Defensively there was no communication and offensively there was no movement,” Hoban said. “Combined with how well Needham played, [it] makes it very hard to win.”

With a slow third quarter, the Lions were still trailing but were able to bring it back to 51-67 in Needham’s favor by the mid-fourth quarter. After that, South’s offense led by senior captains Hoban and Andrew Berket started to stall. Needham maintained the lead to the final buzzer. The game’s top scorer, Needham’s Matt Shaker, finished off the contest with 26 points.

Despite the crushing loss for the boys, the crowd’s festive spirit was a boost for the boys in disallowing a stretch of Needham’s lead.

The loss places the Lions record at 1-2 heading into the their matchup against crosstown rival Newton North in the Garden City Classic.

North’s powerful offense, led by junior Ethan Wright, will be a test for the boys so early in the season.

“It’s still early and the more practices we have the better we’ll be,” Hoban said. “We have a lot of potential, it just comes down to how hard we work in practice.