Breaking News: School is Cancelled an Unprecedented Two Days in Advance

Graphic by Jack Landrigan

By Jack Landrigan

Creative Director of Procrastinate Here

In a statement Saturday afternoon, Superintendent David Fleishman announced that Newton Public Schools will be closed on Monday, April 3, due to inclement weather. This remains the first time Fleishman has ever cancelled school more than a day in advance.

Fleishman stated that this cancellation was necessary in order to maintain the safety of our students. Although the expected total snowfall for Friday into Saturday is not extremely high, weather experts have reported that there is a high chance that roads will freeze over on Monday morning; the forecasted high on Sunday is 50˚F, and temperatures are predicted to drop below 20˚F on Monday morning.

With memories of February 8th, when icy road conditions caused many accidents in Newton and surrounding towns, schools had to be closed on Monday.

Fourth grade teacher George Miller, a 40-year Newton Public Schools veteran, noted that he had never seen school cancelled this early.

It is unclear why the superintendent did not wait until Sunday to announce the cancellation as Fleishman stated that phone calls to families will be made on Sunday afternoon.

However, make sure all assignments due on Monday are completed, because you just got pranked! Happy April Fools Day and school starts at 7:40 Monday morning.