Breaking News: Wifi Outage During MCAS Testing

Graphic by Isabella Xie

By Simone Lassar

Managing Editor of News

On Tuesday, April 4th, Newton Public Schools experienced a short wifi outage when the internet was disconnected for fourteen minutes due to an issue with internet traffic.

This internet disconnection impacted the elementary students taking MCAS; however, the tests are still valid, as this disruption was only distraction to test takers and did not compromise the validity of the tests.

As a result, Director of Information Technology and Library Services Eileen Keane requests that all staff power off their phones from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m to avoid another outage caused by an overload of internet traffic.

Keane additionally reports that the Network Team will not be blocking any streaming sites in response but strongly encourages faculty members to power off their phones for this compromise to succeed.

For more information on the outage and a profile on the IT Department of Newton Public Schools, check back at