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New Theater Department Teacher Adjusts to Teaching at Newton South

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By Abby Lass It is second lunch on a Monday, and Ms. Perkinson sits at her desk in the Theater Office. Perkinson is the newest addition to the NSHS Theater Department’s staff, teaching sections of Public Speaking, Actor’s Workshop, Acting for the Stage and Screen, and ELL Drama and Speech -a new class focused on giving new English speakers the confidence to speak publicly and create characters. She does all this while in […]

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Review: Song of Achilles Troy

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By Gil Alon   Theatre Ink, Newton North’s theatre program, and Newton Theatre Company worked together to bring Part Two of the Song of Achilles Troy to Newton North, which premiered September 18th-20th under the direction of Melissa Bernstein, the parent of a South student. The actors participating in the production were mainly members of the Newton community, consisting of students from both North and South, college students, and other adults in the […]

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This is a Review About Zombies

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By Karen Weinstock This is a Musical About Zombies (TIAMAZ) is a completely student-operated production that debuted last week and ran from May 29-31. The musical was written by senior Celina Siegel and directed by senior Sophie Cash, with students filling most other typically adult roles, such as choreographer. The show was performed in the lab theater, which gave it a very intimate feeling. There was a platform creating a second level and […]

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Students Perform in Boston Ballet’s ‘Next Generation’

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By Siena Small   For students at the Boston Ballet, dance is a passion and something that can always be taken a step further.  The studio, directed by Margaret Tracey, is considered a place of practice and skill. On May 14, the school had its fifth annual showcase for dancers in their pre-professional program, called Next Generation.  Among these dancers were Newton South students Ethan Epstein, Bona Lee, and Isabella Auerbach. The show […]

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Teacher Band, Sleepyhead, Continues to Perform

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By Siena Small Sometimes it’s easy to forget that teachers have lives outside of school; however, Sleepyhead, a band entirely composed of Newton teachers, is a strong reminder they do. The band, formed in the ‘90s, features South teachers Rachael McNally and Derek VanBeever, as well as Zervas teacher Chris O’Rourke. As McNally was going into her senior year of college, she passed a jazz band on the street with her family; soon […]

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Review: SouthStage, Theater Ink Take Modern Twist to Old Classic

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By Karen Weinstock Almost 400 years after the play was written by Sir William Shakespeare, SouthStage and Theater Ink present a performance of “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by Jen Lewis. The play takes a modern twist; this collaborative show was a fresh change to classic Shakespearean plays. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the theater was the small stage and the intimate surrounding audience. Audience seats climbed the walls […]

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‘This is a Musical About Zombies’ Comes To South Stage

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  By Siena Small This is a Musical About Zombies (TIAMAZ), a musical written by Celina Siegel, will make its debut on Newton South Stage at the end of May. The musical is about a teenage protagonist who feels imprisoned by her small town, and who has only her sister for companionship.  As she begins to fall for the new boy at school, a zombie apocalypse begins; the musical encases the ideas of […]

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Review: Faculty Variety Show A Night of Remembrance

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By Vanessa Chen The 9th annual faculty talent show, hosted by history teacher Jamie Rinaldi and English teacher Dave Weintraub on March 29, was a night that marked a new beginning for the South Community. 2014 has been a big year for South, and the transition was the main theme of the night. Four new teachers (history teacher Corey Davison, English teacher Beilin Ye, English teacher Mickeyl Lenzi, and English teacher Samuel Lee) […]

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Review: ‘One More Thing’ Captures the Essence of Modern Life

April 06, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

By Courtney Foster I’ll fess up to one of the larger points of irony in my life: I call myself a lover of literature, and yet I barely have time to read any of it. The day it arrived in the mail, I knew it was going to be different.  No flashy colors, no fussy illustrations — just a simple white book jacket proclaiming One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories in a […]

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Review: ‘Divergent’ Simple and Easy to Watch

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By Dana Michlin In the slew of Hollywood films based on novels of dystopian societies, “Divergent” is the latest action-adventure movie targeted at teenage audiences. The movie features two teenage leads– Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley ) and  Tobias Eaton (Theo James) and is directed by Neil Burger. The film is based on the first book of a trilogy by Veronica Roth and is set in post-apocalyptic, isolated Chicago with a rigid social structure […]