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Senior Alexia Vernet Speaks on Race at South in Remembrance of Martin Luther King

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By Winson Ye News Reporter South Senior Alexia Vernet joined students from Oak Hill and Brown at Temple Emanuel Monday morning to present their speeches written in commemoration of Newton’s 47th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration. Superintendent David Fleishman, the principals of Newton South, Oak Hill, and Brown, and Mayor Setti D. Warren were among the community leaders present during the celebration. Traditionally, the celebration has showcased students’ original essays that […]

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South’s Spelling Bee Champion Gabriella Sinclair Triumphs Again

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By Winson Ye, Lucy Kim, and Chloe Frantzis News Reporters Out of all the students who took part in South’s annual Evalyn Kaswell spelling bee this year, it was senior Gabriella Sinclair who emerged victorious. But this is not the second or even third time Sinclair has exited South’s auditorium as Spelling Bee champion. After winning this year’s competition on January 9, Sinclair completed the sweep of the Spelling Bee, winning a spelling […]

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South Sees More Applicants to State Schools

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By Noy Alon and Min Park News Reporters For many high school seniors, this is a stressful time of year as they are anxiously waiting to hear back from colleges and ultimately learning where their next stage of life will take them. As this already intense college application process becomes more competitive, and the cost of going to a four-year college increases, state schools are becoming more popular. Kathleen Sabet, one of Newton South’s […]

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Sophomore Bimini Horstmann Climbs to New Heights on U.S. National Team

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By Jacob Denninger News Reporter Bimini Horstmann, a sophomore at Newton South, has traveled all around the world from New England, to Colorado, to Mexico City, to Chile, but not for vacation. Horstmann travels the globe competing for the U.S.A. National Rock Climbing team and is ranked third in the country. Bimini started rock climbing when she was ten years old; after taking a class at the YMCA for fun, the instructor told […]

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Newton South Community Reacts to National Issues Regarding Race

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By Miranda Lassar News Reporter Additional Reporting by Jacob Denninger Racial issues in the U.S. have come to the forefront of the nation’s domestic conflicts after the deaths of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner. At Newton South, students and teachers are making an effort to address these national issues and help open, meaningful discussions on race with the student body. The Students Political Action club held an open discussion on race on […]

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Issues with Opening Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Schools

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By Kimia Tabatabaei News Reporter US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is deciding whether to use federal law to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries, if they open within 1,000 feet of schools, playgrounds, or public housing. This includes the dispensaries that have been proposed for Boston and Brookline. A 2012 ballot question in Massachusetts allowed the state to license up to 35 dispensaries. Both Wellness Teacher Mr.Fagen and freshman Daniel Korsunsky pointed out that 1,000 […]

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Feminism-Day Presentation Shines Controversial Light on the Gender Wage Gap

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By Brian Yoffe and Winson Ye During their presentation on women in government and in the workplace for Feminism day on December 10, seniors Sophia Autor, Dana Michlin, and Armin Sabouri presented what some South students felt was a controversial analysis of today’s gender wage gap. The presentation, part of an assignment called Words that Change the World for the Seniors’ Global English class, examined inequalities between men and women in the labor […]

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Pope Francis Declares Evolution and the Big Bang Theory to be True

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By Emily Goetzler News Reporter Pope Francis has recently announced that both the Big Bang and Evolutions theories are accurate. According to The Independent, the Pope said, “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician… But that is not so. He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws,” at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The Pope believes that a […]

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School Council Considers Pushing Back South’s Start Time

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By Miranda Lassar and Winson Ye News repoters During a PTSO meeting on November 20, Principal Joel Stembridge announced that the School Council was looking into pushing back Newton South’s start time. The School Council, composed of Stembridge, parents, teachers, and students, has been researching the logistical possibility of and public support for this idea over the past year. The council hopes a proposal will be formed by the end of the school […]

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South Students Invent “Lark Alarm” App

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By David Patkin and Jacob Denninger Some students may argue that the most difficult part of their day is not making it through five classes, taking a test, nor writing an in-class essay—the real challenge is willing themselves to stop pressing the snooze button, and waking up in the morning for the day of school. Senior Jae Seung Lee and former student Zephaniah Chang set out to help students cope with this daily […]