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Possible Marijuana in Candy Raises Concern

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By Emily Goetzler According to FOX NEWS, police officers in Colorado have advised parents to look for possible marijuana-infused candy in their children’s halloween candy collections. Many candies that look like name brand can be sprayed with hash oil. Once the hash oil dries, the candy looks completely normal and there is no way to tell the difference. The Denver Police Department, as well as Patrick Johnson, an owner of a marijuana shop […]

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Newton Community Reacts to Teachers Association’s Unity Action

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By Denebola News Staff   On Tuesday, October 21, Newton teachers in all public schools throughout the city wore a T-shirt in support of the Newton Teachers Association’s quest for wages that compete with those of the surrounding school districts.   The back of these yellow T-shirts reads “COMPETITIVE WAGES=EXCELLENT SCHOOLS.”   The demonstration, which the Teachers Association calls “unity action,” came the day before official meetings began between the Newton School Committee […]

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Passionate Students Attend Climate March In New York

October 27, 2014 / by / 1 Comment

By Noy Alon and Min Park Taking their passion for politics to a global scale, Juniors Nathaniel Bolter and Emma Henderson attended the annual New York City Climate March on September 21 with several of their classmates from history teacher Jamie Rinaldi’s honors history class last year. According to Bolter, Rinaldi inspired him and his classmates to attend the Climate March in New York. “We had to wake up really early at four […]

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Benefits of Schoology Fail to Reach Entire School

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by David Patkin and Jacob Denninger Last year, instructional technology specialists from around Newton set out to find an online learning solution. Through their research, they settled on a program called Schoology, which has a Facebook-like look to it and makes it easy for teachers to organize their units. Schoology can be used to post assignments, tests, and grades, as well as to hold discussions. The new program offers a more diverse range […]

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South Parents Attend SOS Information Session

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By Winson Ye Parents gathered in the auditorium to discuss the Signs of Suicide (SOS) program with faculty and mental health professionals at Newton South on October 8. The speakers were Rebecca Davis, who works at the Riverside Trauma Center, and Principal Joel Stembridge. The director of guidance at Newton South, Shelly Borg, remained in the audience along with several other guidance counselors in order to answer any questions that parents had. The […]

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Newton South Senior Jasper Primack Accepted to National Debate Team

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By Miranda Lassar Senior Jasper Primack competed in his first tournament for the US debate team on October 3rd and 4th in New Orleans, placing second in the team competition and fifth in the speaker awards. The national debate team consists of twelve high school juniors and seniors from all around the country who compete in international competitions with 67 other countries. After a rigorous application process involving a written application, three video […]

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Newton Includes Transgender Citizens in Law

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By Emily Goetzler and Kimia Tabatabaei Another step towards equality was made September 15 when Newton’s Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to include transgender citizens in its non-discrimination ordinances in areas like housing. The ordinance states that nobody may be treated unfairly when renting or buying a house due to his or her sexual orientation. With a unanimous vote on including transgender individuals in the ordinance, citizens and board members alike were ecstatic […]

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Teachers Find In-Class Homework Assignments Useful, but Unrealistic

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Earlier this school year, Newton South teachers gave their classes an in-class assignment similar to the average homework assignment. Teachers hoped to gauge the amount of time it usually takes their students to complete their homework and adjust the amount of homework assigned accordingly to reduce student stress. Denebola’s News Reporters interviewed several teachers to see how they think the diagnostic homework assignment went.   by Jacob Denninger   Interview with History teacher […]

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Newton Teachers Working Without a Teacher Contract

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By Brian Yoffe The Newton Teachers Association and Newton School Committee have been partaking in negotiations in order to create a new contract due to the expiration of the prior contracts in August. Newton teachers are currently working without a contract, but the provisions of their former contract still apply. Formal negotiations between the Teachers’ Union and School Committee do not begin this school year until October 22. The two sides have deliberated […]

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New Teachers Look to Immerse Themselves in South Community

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  Elise Rubenstein by David Patkin Elise Rubenstein worked at Newton North as a Latin teacher for numerous years, but when she saw the opportunity to work at South she didn’t hesitate to make the transition. Rubenstein has embraced the South community, taking in the overwhelming school pride from her first day on. “There is a lot of school pride,” Rubenstein said, “which is more than I have seen in other schools…which is […]