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Newton Includes Transgender Citizens in Law

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By Emily Goetzler and Kimia Tabatabaei Another step towards equality was made September 15 when Newton’s Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to include transgender citizens in its non-discrimination ordinances in areas like housing. The ordinance states that nobody may be treated unfairly when renting or buying a house due to his or her sexual orientation. With a unanimous vote on including transgender individuals in the ordinance, citizens and board members alike were ecstatic […]

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Teachers Find In-Class Homework Assignments Useful, but Unrealistic

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Earlier this school year, Newton South teachers gave their classes an in-class assignment similar to the average homework assignment. Teachers hoped to gauge the amount of time it usually takes their students to complete their homework and adjust the amount of homework assigned accordingly to reduce student stress. Denebola’s News Reporters interviewed several teachers to see how they think the diagnostic homework assignment went.   by Jacob Denninger   Interview with History teacher […]

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Newton Teachers Working Without a Teacher Contract

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By Brian Yoffe The Newton Teachers Association and Newton School Committee have been partaking in negotiations in order to create a new contract due to the expiration of the prior contracts in August. Newton teachers are currently working without a contract, but the provisions of their former contract still apply. Formal negotiations between the Teachers’ Union and School Committee do not begin this school year until October 22. The two sides have deliberated […]

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New Teachers Look to Immerse Themselves in South Community

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  Elise Rubenstein by David Patkin Elise Rubenstein worked at Newton North as a Latin teacher for numerous years, but when she saw the opportunity to work at South she didn’t hesitate to make the transition. Rubenstein has embraced the South community, taking in the overwhelming school pride from her first day on. “There is a lot of school pride,” Rubenstein said, “which is more than I have seen in other schools…which is […]

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Merit for Library Renovations Called Into Question Amidst Large Class Sizes

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By Miranda Lassar and Winson Ye The Newton South library underwent a series of renovation this summer, revealing several new attractions including new carpet, new lighting, new bookshelves, and a new technology counter that stretches across the back of the library around the windows. “I think that it has provided a much more friendly, welcoming, and cheerful environment, just by the fact that it is bright and you can see across the whole […]

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Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Improvement

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By Kimia Tabatabaei After years of depletion, the ozone layer is showing positive signs of thickening, the UN scientific panel reported Sept. 10. The ozone layer protects from dangerous ultraviolet light from the sun that can harm DNA and cause cancer. According to How Stuff Works, ninety percent of the atmospheric ozone is in the earth’s stratosphere. The stratosphere serves as a natural setting which helps conduct the formation of the ozone. During […]

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Sounds of One School One Book

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During the One School One Book event on Friday, Denebola’s news reporters compiled a list of anonymous quotes they heard throughout the event. These anonymous quotes reflect some students’ feelings toward the summer reading book Eleanor and Park, and the panels they attended during the event to discuss the book.   “It was interesting to hear other people’s viewpoints.”   “The censorship [panel] was O.K.”   “The book should have been censored.”   […]

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New Clubs Offer New Opportunities as School Year Begins

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By Miranda Lassar, Winson Ye, and Winston Jiang   The hallways at South have filled once again with posters advertising this year’s new clubs. This year’s clubs are especially varied, ranging from gaming, raising awareness for various causes, to doing community service.   Girl Up   Girl Up was started by the United Nations Foundation as a grassroots foundation to raise awareness for girls and women in countries with few opportunities for females. […]

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Alumni Spotlight – Where Are They Now?

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By:Jillian Marks Newton South was established in 1960, and, since then, over 50 classes have graduated. We all know some of the bigger names that walked the same halls as we do today – such as The Office stars, John Krasinski and B.J. Novak- but Newton South also boasts tons of successful alumni that we seem to know little about: authors, journalists, a Nobel Prize winner, and even a Bollywood Actress. While most […]


Superintendent Attempts To Move Forward Following Plagiarism Incident

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By Jack Hooker and Dar Alon Editors-In-Chief Newton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Fleishman addressed students at Newton South on Friday afternoon, making his first appearance at the school since the incident last spring. “Today, I am speaking to you about a serious mistake that I made,” Fleishman told the junior global english class. “For me, it was obviously the most significant and most humiliating failure of my professional life.” The Lions Roar […]