Children of the Candy Corn’s “Your Ideal Man” Is a Hilarious, Eclectic Endeavor

Photo by Jackie Lee

By Elana Volfinzon

Candy Corns first show of the year, Your Ideal Man, was a smashing success. This past Friday, Dec 2, Newton South’s well-known improv group had their audience in non-stop laughter– which may have even resulted in a little bit of tears!

To make this show so stellar, Candy Corn pulled out all their tools from the toolbox: frequent audience participation, slips of paper with non-geographical locations, and most importantly, a boatload of humor!

To open up their show, the Children of Candy Corn started out with the game “Slide Show.” In this game, around five people make a random tableaux of a scene from a trip or vacation. The “tourists” who “went on the trip” have to explain what is happening on the trip. This scene was performed by senior Naomi Honig and one of the newest members of the Candy Corn squad, junior Daniel Korsunsky. Both naturally came up with priceless one-liners that instigated immediate claps and shouts from the audience. Although it was Korsunsky’s first time performing with the group, he showed natural abilities doing what Candy Corn does best: giving people a great time and lots of laughter.

The night continued with original games, all including solely improvised humor.  These “environments” ranged from the “Question Answering Buddha” and “Pawn Shop” to “Radio Call In”, and the ever famous “Sex With Me”.

Maya Golod, a sophomore studying at Wayland High School, had never seen Candy Corn before before this last event. Before the show she thought, “It was going to be really hard for them to come up with things to say right on the spot”, but to her surprise, “they seemed to come up with material so effortlessly” that it “exceeded [her] expectations.”

Golod especially enjoyed “Sex With Me”.

“Setting aside the natural humor that the game entails,” Golod said, “I really liked it because there answers were extremely witty and out-of-the-box.”

The group’s talent for such amazing improvised humor did not happen by accident, however; as difficult as putting on an improv show is, the Children of Candy Corn are able to work with each other on stage because they are such a close knit group of friends off-stage. Second year Candy Corn member junior Izzy Autor says, “being in Corn is a super unique experience. Improve is really hard and working through it makes us a really tight group.”

The members of Candy Corn definitely enjoyed putting on this show as much as the audience loved watching it.

Friday’s performance perfectly encapsulated the immense talent this group of students has. Through quick one-liners and a multitude of games, Candy Corn continue to be one of the most unique and enjoyable performance groups at South.

Wish you could have been at the performance? Watch the entire show here!