Focus: Junior Dancers Spend Summer Honing Craft

(Above: Lee (bottom row, second from right) with her dance class)

While the stress of school work is over, summer means a new kind of workload for thousands of students, including two South juniors: intensive dancing.

Genevieve Kyn and Bona Lee, both dancers at Boston Ballet School, spent their summers dancing, but at two very different ballet intensives.

Lee, who is in the pre-professional program at the Boston studio, spent her summer at Boston Ballet’s Summer Dance Program (SDP). Lee said she chose to attend a summer intensive because she feels the need to continue training during the summer, as well as enjoys spending time with her friends.

“At this point in my training, I can’t not go to one [practice],” Lee said, “and it’s fun because you get to meet people from all around the world and sometimes old friends.”

Kyn, who attended a fine arts camp in Michigan, also chose to attend a summer intensive to advance her art form.

“The training is a lot more intensive since less time will be spent on school and stuff,” Kyn, who dances at the Newton studio, said.

Her program differs from other ballet intensives because it offers yoga and is in a wilderness environment.

Lee chose to stay in Boston instead of trying new programs in different states like Kyn so she could study for the SATs. She said she trusts Boston Ballet’s program and many of her friends from the year would be there.

Kyn decided to go to the Michigan fine arts camp when one of her teachers from the school year suggested it to her, saying Kyn would like the environment more than a the one in a similar program in a large city like Boston.

Kyn enjoyed “obviously the dancing, and also the yoga minor, which I’ve never had before.”

“I learned that you really just have to be confident in what you do to get places,” Lee said. “You also really just have to fight for your dreams and have some ambitions.”