Freshman Max Goldberg is Taking Gaming to the Next Level

Graphic by Max Goldberg

By Jenny Utstein and Bella Ertel

Max Goldberg, a freshman at Newton South, has created apps that anyone can use and enjoy. His games are not only addictive, but helpful as well.

So can you tell me about some of your most recent work?

My latest work has been the development of my new app called Off The Charts. Off the Charts is a social stock trading game that allows stock novices and gurus to learn about the stock market in a fun and risk-free environment. My company is Appidemix LLC.

What inspired you to create it?

The stock market is a globally recognized industry. A study by Bankrate Money Pulse in 2015 found that 53% of people that don’t invest in stocks don’t have the money, and 21% don’t have enough knowledge to feel comfortable investing.

Did you make it all on your own, or did you have someone in or outside of South to help you?

I am the CEO of the company. My co-partner and CFO Nick McCarthy is a junior at Needham High School.

How long does it typically take you to create and release an app?

My past games have taken about two months to develop, design, and publish on my own. Now that I have a team of employees and developers, it took just less than two months from start to finish!

How many games have you made in total and which one has been your favorite?

Three games in total, not including Off the Charts. Off The Charts is my favorite, as I’m helping people learn without the hassle of research and boredom.

Have you taken any electives at Newton South to help you?

I have not. Fully self-taught.

How long have you been computer programming?

Now, two years. But I have always been an entrepreneur. I enjoy business more than actual programming.

So now that you have a team, do you still do the programming or just the business?

Business side. But since I program, I am able to easily communicate with the developers.

How do you come up with the ideas for your games and apps?

With games, I try to think about what I like playing, and then expand ideas to make them better and original. It is really tough to come up with a completely unique idea nowadays. There are billions of apps on the App Store, and it is very hard to stand out. So, instead of re-creating the wheel, I try to make apps better, more addicting, and useful.

What do you want to do to help others who want to do the same as you?

If my business becomes successful, I will use some funds to help people that want to learn, but might not be financially capable.

And what advice would you give them?

Scour the internet to find free tutorials and youtube videos, learn without paying, and don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come easy at first.