Gallery: “How do you feel about Obama leaving office?”

By Brendan Locke, Lanie McLeod, Erin Acosta, Zoe Heywood, Claire Kroger, and Aidan Fitzmaurice

“Although Obama had his fair share of complaints from the American citizens, he has done a significant amount of work to improve the number of jobs there is and to make life better for those who are not treated as fairly.”

“He opened our nation’s eyes [to] racial inequality. Overall I believe he did a great job dealing with the situation that he came into back in 2008.”

“Instead of thinking of this as the end of the Obama Administration, I’m thinking of it as the beginning of the reign to the angry citrus.”

“It makes a real turning point, especially in our lives, because we can’t really remember a time before the Obama Administration.”

“I’m really sad. I’m kind of dreading Trump– like his presence in the White House. I feel like the whole time, a lot of stuff from what Trump stands for is going to be just really saddening. I’m grieving.”

“So sad. I feel very upset about the oncoming four years. I’m sad that Obama is leaving– he was super cool and great.”

“It’s been quite sad for me. I’ve been mourning it.”