Girls’ Cross Country Wins DCLs

Photo by Denebola Staff

By Hannah Fraser
Sports Reporter

On Friday, October 28th, the Newton South girls’ cross country team won the Dual County League Championship meet with 38 points led by a group of upperclassmen.

Senior Clare Martin finished the meet in first place with a time of 18:45, while senior Katie Collins came in a close second with a time of 19:08. Junior Caroline Barry ran a time of 19:40, enough for sixth place.

According to Coach Steven McChesney, these three runners have a well-developed strategy to work together during the race.

“Caroline and Katie worked together basically to get Katie into the groove of the first mile, and then since Caroline is such a good starter she helped Katie, and then Katie was second.”

Collins adds that she was incredibly satisfied with her race.

McChesney believes that the successful execution of many athletes’ race strategies contributed to the victory.

“It’s a good day when half of your team does race plans perfectly and others are close, but everybody just nailed it,” he said.

In particular, top runner Clare Martin was successful due to McChesney’s plan to finish strong.

“[The strategy was] going out moderately in the first mile, and then picking it up slightly in the final two miles.”

Due to her past injuries this season, Martin states that although she didn’t set a personal record during her race, she was satisfied with her finish and felt strong at the end.

In addition to the top three runners, Nikta Mozhgani, Emily Bulczynski, and Addie Marple all stepped up and executed their race plans successfully, contributing to Newton South’s success.

“You have Nikta and Emily running a consistent race, and then you have Addie negative splitting and really moving up, so we end up putting six girls in front of all the teams second girls except Boston Latin,” McChesney said.

The weather during the meet had been less than perfect with severe winds blowing in.

“There was many areas of the course where it was a little muddier than others, and you had to kind of estimate how to go about that and use your knowledge” Barry said.

Although it appeared to be sleeting during the race, Collins explained that the team mentality did not change

“Everyone kept a really positive attitude before the race, and I think that that helped people go into it with a good mindset, and I think that’s why we had a lot of success,” she said.

South looks to prepare for the Eastern Massachusetts race on November 11th.

“If we can run like we did on Friday, our chances of winning Eastern Mass are incredibly good. We’re going to go into the next two meets with confidence in our talent and abilities and we’re pretty confident in how we approach our race,” McChesney said.