Love-A-Palooza Is an Impressive Introduction for South’s Freshmen

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By Arielle Rubel

South Stage’s annual frosh play, Love-A-Palooza, ran from November 17th through 19th and was a hilarious success on the part of all those involved.

Because this production is the first opportunity for freshmen to perform in a South Stage show, it is open to any and all freshmen with an interest in theater, and can be seen as a way for students to get their foot in the door for future South shows.

Love-a-Palooza was a collection of 10-minute comedic skits, all relating to love and relationships. Each skit triggered multiple outbursts of laughter and consistently drew the audience’s attention.

The production managed to integrate younger actors with adult humor pretty effectively, which allowed it to appeal to a broader audience. By having the freshman perform jokes that were geared towards an older audience, the students were able to ease themselves into the more mature side of theatre.

While show mainly focused on light-hearted comedic skits, the last piece performed was about the stages of a relationship from beginning to end. Moving and sentimental, the last showing left some of the audience members teary eyed and emotional.

Most actors had more than one character they had to perform; some had to change characters drastically different from the one they had in the previous act. But even when dealing with these differences, the students embodied each character as a multi-dimensional individual surprisingly well.

Altogether, Love-a-Palooza was an extremely enjoyable play for both the performers and the audience. A major factor that contributed to play’s success was the actor’s enthusiasm during it’s production. Each actor in Love-a-Palooza showed excitement and had a presence on the stage. I look forward to seeing where they all go in their South Stage careers, and beyond.