Music Forecast 1/16-1/20

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Matt Reinstein

Music and Weather Guru

Monday- “Sugar Dyed” by St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Mondays suck– especially cold ones here in New England. Hopefully, this’ll pick you up. With soulful vocals and jazzy instrumentals, this song is definitely one for a day with temperatures in the mid-30s.

Tuesday- “Croaking Lizard” by The Upsetters

After a rough, cold Monday, you need something to warm you up. “Croaking Lizard” from the album, Super Ape, will sooth all of the frustrations from the previous day. Also, Tuesday will rainy, but this song prevents a lot of stress.

Wednesday- “The Garden” by Moorea Masa & the Mood

The rain continues, but the reggae does not. Instead, we have a silky, soulful sound that’ll make you forget the rain. You’ll get lost within Moorea Massa’s restrained voice, which is more smooth and warm than any other.

Thursday- “These Days” by Dr. Dog

It’s almost Friday, but not yet! However, it is 45 degrees and sunny! To match the feeling of the day, we have a fast paced, fun-filled song by Dr. Dog. With keyboard, heavy bass, and crackly guitar, “These Days” is a good time for everyone

Friday- “The Weekend” by Allen Stone

It’s finally Friday! A sunny one at that, as well. It’s also the beginning to the weekend! About just that and having a good time, Allen Stone’s “The Weekend” couldn’t go to any other day. Fridays are always good.

Saturday- “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai

Still on the theme of having a good time, “Canned Heat” is best known as “the song from ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’” and despite it being cold and possibly rainy, it’s still the first full day of the weekend, so I think there should still be a “fun” song, which “Canned Heat” definitely is.

Sunday- “So Good At Being in Trouble” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Sunday’s usually my homework day, and today is cold and cloudy, so I need something to soothe me down. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “So Good At Being in Trouble” does just that. Echoey vocals that almost (but not quite) create a dry sound make for a soothing and relaxing song to do homework to.