Music Forecast: 12/5-12/9

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Elana Volfinzon

Pro Procrastinator

Elana Volfinzon

Denebola Music Forecast!

Monday: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” -Michael Bublé

Looks like we’re diving head-first into December, there is already a chance of snow! With everyone picking up the holiday spirit, what’s better than listening to a holiday classic during one of the first snows of the year? Bublé’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is an all-time favorite that is extremely likely to get you impatient for winter break! Its fast beats and exuberant instrumentals, along with Bublés unique voice, are perfect for a snowy December day. By the way, it’s definitely best to listen to it with a warm cup of hot chocolate!

Tuesday: “Take Me to Church” -Hozier

Tuesday is going to be one of two cloudy days this week, and this song is perfect to listen on a day like this. With occasional powerful verses created by Hozier’s exceptional voice and the song’s loud acoustics, “Take Me To Church” gives a sense of confidence and determination to get to the approaching sunny days.

Wednesday: “Survivor” -Destiny’s Child

We all know how tough and long Wednesdays can feel, especially when it’s grey and rainy. This powerful song will fill you with all of the willpower you need to get through the day, and week.

Thursday: “Lucky” -Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

On a rainy day, this song’s warm melody makes for a perfect listen. This duet is sung by two incredible artists, Mraz and Caillat– the only people who have the power to make this rainy day flow smoothly.  

Friday: “Forget You” -CeeLo Green

TGIF! On a sunny Friday afternoon, a well-known pick-me-up song is ideal for getting excited for the weekend. Released in 2010, “Forget You” is definitely known for its catchy and energetic beat that will have you singing along in seconds. Get ready to have an energetic, fun, and of course, productive weekend!