Music Forecast 2/13- 2/17

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Matt Reinstein

Music Guru

Monday- “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk

We feel some snow coming! Sunday night and all of Monday is supposed to be windy, blustery, and very snowy. The forecast is 12-16 inches of snow, which could possibly lead to a five-day weekend! Also, it’d make it a short week before February break!

Tuesday- “Good Grief” by Bastille

Warm and sunny in the high 50s makes for a cold yet happy, beautiful day. “Good Grief” by Bastille is a perfect song for Tuesday because of it’s energetic vibe and positive lyrics. With electronic synthesisers, heavy bass, a smooth riff and pounding drums, “Good Grief” is a song I’d recommend for the day.

Wednesday- “Push It to the Limit” by Corbin Bleu

Cold, snowy, and rainy days are gonna bring you down. You’ll need something to bring up your spirits, and nothing can do that better than thinking of the Disney Channel Original Movie Step Up. It’s the perfect pump-up song from the perfect pump-up movie.

Thursday- “Giorgio By Moroder” by Daft Punk

Yes, I know, it’s the second song by Daft Punk on the list, but their 2013 LP, Random Access MemoriesI, is too good to pass up on. The song is a nice blend of smooth, creamy jazz, modern EDM with classic synthesizers. Thursday being cold and cloudy allows me to recommend an over-nine-minute-song, which is mostly instrumentals.

Friday- “I Would” by One Direction

It’ll be a sunny friday, the friday before break, so just listen to something that’s insanely upbeat. My recommendation: this banger from 1D.