Music Forecast 3/13-3/17

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Maddy Epstein

Music Guru


Weak”- AJR

This Monday is going to be a normal March day– pretty cold but still sunny– and what better way to spend it than listening to some top notch music.  “Weak” by AJR, the brother band that also sings hits such as “I’m Ready”, is the perfect song to get you through the first day back to school.  It’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it great for listening to while you enjoy your night knowing there is no school on Tuesday.


What Do You Want?”- Justin Jay ft. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges

Snow day! Rather than sitting around all day and listening to sad songs to fit the dark weather, listen to happy songs like “What Do You Want” by Justin Jay, because who isn’t happy to not be in school on this lovely snowy Tuesday?


Japanese Denim”- Daniel Caesar

To finish out the chaos of Tuesday’s storm, you need a calming song to help you get back into school mode (but maybe not… hopefully another snow day). Daniel Caesar’s soothing vocals and smooth rhythms that you can see in his other tracks like “Get You” and “Death & Taxes”, are just what you need to survive the longest school day of the week.


Losin Control”- Russ

This Thursday will be the official end to this week’s snow storm, which calls for another relaxing tune to balance out all the crazy things you may or may not have done over the snow day(s?).  “Losin Control” is one of the talented Russ’s many singles that feature his amazing voice and chill beats, a combination that will put anyone in a good mood on a cold winter day.


Jump”- Lupe Fiasco ft. Gizzle

On this week’s cold and dreary Friday, everyone is going to need something to jumpstart their weekend. Luckily, I have the song that will do just that. “Jump” by Lupe Fiasco is just another one of the countless hits made by Fiasco; others include “The Show Goes On” and “Battlescars”.  Featuring Gizzle, an up-and-coming rapper who has also made her way on G-Eazy’s “What If”, “Jump” is the perfect song to get you ready for a long awaited weekend.