Music Forecast 3/6-3/10

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Amelia Pennell

Music Guru

Monday:  “Riptide” remix by FlicFlac and Vance Joy

Monday will be one of the only days this week that we will actually get to see sun, so although it is deemed to be “one of the worst days of the week”, enjoy the weather while you can! Get in the mood to have a successful few days with this upbeat and motivating remix on the well-known song, “Riptide”.

Tuesday: “Losin Control” by Russ

With continuous rain, Tuesday is one of those days to listen to a slower tune, but still one with a pronounced beat to keep you moving. R&B singer Russ perfectly fits this description as he sings in his famous song “Losin Control”. This melody is guaranteed to give you “feels” and is perfectly suitable for a rainy day.

Wednesday: “How to Love” by Lil Wayne

I know the dreadful “middle of the week” feeling where it seems as though you have been in school forever, but then you realize you’re only halfway through. Don’t let another 2:45 dismissal bring you down! Listen to this throwback that will make you realize why Lil Wayne was well-known back in the early ‘00s. With a catchy sound and relatable story, “How to Love” will help you get through this Wednesday, for sure.

Thursday: “Broad Shoulders” by Taylor Bennett ft. Chance the Rapper

Thursday is supposed to be yet another cloudy and windy day, but the newly-famous Chance the Rapper has your back as you walk briskly on your way to school. His sound in this particular song provides an erie, chilling vibe but also reminds us of the important  things in life, which will always be needed to avoid stress over that one test you have at the end of the week.

Friday: “iSpy” by Kyle

It is finally Friday and you can officially laugh at all the possible answers you got wrong or tests you should have studied a little bit longer for! “iSpy” by Kyle is one famous song that will get you in the Friday mood. It puts an emphasize on having a good time with your friends– exactly what you deserve this weekend.