Music Forecast 9/19-9/23

Graphic by Sam Lee

By Maddy Epstein

Pro Procrastinator

Monday: “Pink Matter“- Frank Ocean ft. André 3000

This Monday is going to be a rainy but kind of warm day, which is the perfect weather for listening to this song.  “Pink Matter” is one of the tracks from Frank Ocean’s 2012 album Channel Orange that features songs like “Thinkin Bout You” and “Super Rich Kids”.  Although it is one of the lesser-known songs from this album, it is definitely one of the best with it’s slow tempo and vocalizations from both Frank Ocean and André 3000 from Outkast.  If you still need that one song that helps you get through your rainy days, give this one a listen.

Wednesday: “False Alarm“- Matoma ft. Becky Hill

Wednesday is going to be the hottest day of the week, so what better song to listen to than one with some nice beats and an upbeat tune?  “False Alarm” by DJ Matoma features the voice of fairly new artist Becky Hill and is one of those songs that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood, which is just what you need when it is 83 degrees out and the longest school day of the week.

Throwback Thursday: “I’m Yours“- Jason Mraz

This Thursday is also going to be a pretty hot day, perfect for a little old Jason Mraz action… Well actually, all types of weather are good for listening to old Jason Mraz.  Either way, this hit from 2008 is bound to make your day better.  “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, who also sings songs like “Geek in the Pink” and “If It Kills Me” is a crowd favorite with its chill beats and calming tune. So if you have never heard this song before, you are definitely doing something wrong and I advise you to listen to it A.S.A.P.  Seriously.

Friday: “Early Birds“- YMTK ft. Clyde Carson & Casey K

Friday is going to be another sunny and hot day; just the type of weather you want if you are going to listen to this song.  From YMTK’s 2016 album Broad Life, “Early Birds” is a collaboration of YMTK, rapper Clyde Carson, and singer Casey K.  With its really catchy intro and even catchier lyrics, this song is one that once you listen to it once, you cannot stop listening to it.  Because of that, I would recommend this song for all your weekend festivities whether it is partying or sitting in your room for hours on end.