“Obama’s Third Trimester” is Another Success for Candy Corn

Photo by Brianna Weissel

By Gil Alon

Arts Reporter

This past Friday, Children of the Candy Corn performed at Gregorian Rugs in Newton Lower Falls, and they successfully (as usual) managed to create an atmosphere of joy and entertaining comedy.

The Children of Candy Corn are the improvisation group at Newton South, and they hold their performances at and outside of the school. This small group of students entertains a wide audience with short scenes and a variety of games where the artists need to think on their feet and hopefully make the audience laugh.

The talent of this group is outstanding. Unlike the majority of people who fear public speaking, these artists put themselves on a stage and are given one of the hardest tasks in a performance: to be funny. Additionally, the performers need to react quickly to the ongoing scene around them, with little time to think through what is being said.

As a result, the humor produced in the show is not only extremely impressive, but the jokes seem sincere and natural as well. Removing preparation cultivates an atmosphere where the audience feels as if they are simply with their friends playing a game or their friend naturally just said a funny pun. The performers simply seem to be speaking or bouncing off each other effortlessly, amazing the audience.  

This natural element gives an unique atmosphere to every single Candy Corn show and also produces an even funnier outcome, as the audience does not know what will happen next.

The performers also act in different characters with different accents in multiple scenes. Thus, not only do the Children of the Candy Corn create puns, for example, in their popular game “Sex with Me”, but they also create impressive characters in the matter of minutes while they build a scene out of a given non-geographical location.

This impressive variety of games and different types of improvisation keeps the audience interested and on their toes. In addition, it highlights the wide range of talent of the group’s members– as they can successfully perform all types of improv.

Ultimately, the members of Candy Corn are the funny kids sitting next to you in class, and their performances are them removing their filter for a glorious hour and a half. Even better, these are some of the funniest kids at South, and when they get together, the result is truly amazing.

The audience can visually see the friendship between the Children of the Candy Corn. In between performances or after just completing a scene, the members will whisper “good job” and support each other, increasing the supportive and friendly environment the show creates. It is inspiring to see a group committed to help each other.   

In addition, the actual games and scenes that the members perform focus on aspects that students relate to. References to the yoga mats in centered self or the hallways at South were made in this specific show, and these details highlight the nature of South students. The members know who the vast majority of their audience is from and relate to them.

The performance this past Friday was held at a local rug store called Gregorian Rugs, and so the audience members listened to the entire show while sitting on piles of folded rugs. This location adds a relaxing tone to the event, making the audience more comfortable to be there.

This further makes Candy Corn unique, as the audience can simply go, sit on rugs, and laugh. No other group at Newton South offers this level of humor at such a relaxed environment.

The Children of the Candy Corn should be proud of their achievement and courage to perform. Their incredible ability to effortlessly make their peers laugh without a script is truly impressive.