Our National Tragedy

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

By Ava Morollo

South students, teachers, parents, and various readers, our reactions are simple: disgust, outrage, confusion, and disappointment.

How did we allow an unqualified, orange man to take the highest office in the free world? How could so many people overlook Hillary Clinton’s endless qualifications? How could so many people put aside the fact that this man doesn’t even endorse the equality of all citizens?

What were we thinking?

How are we going to explain to children the reasoning behind the country electing a bully, when we spend our lives advocating against them? How are we going to convey the same feeling of acceptance America was built upon? Why are we gifting history books material to make a mockery of our generation?

This is our new normal.

While many people joke about the idea of leaving the country, applying to international schools, or even seceding, we can’t leave. Now, our country needs people like you more than ever to reinstate the morals our country was founded on. To leave is to give up, and that we can not do.

But, this isn’t our future. This isn’t what’s going to define us a hundred years down the road. We won’t be known as the nation of disaster.

Be the people to reverse our American tragedy.