Playlist: Best Mashups of 2016

Image by Jeana Kim

By Annabelle Elmaleh

Music Guru

Want to reminisce on a year with a year’s worth of music? Here are mashups that contain a huge selection of this year’s favorite songs, all in one!

  1. “Pop Songs World 2016”

This mashup serves up a compilation of 2016 with upbeat electronic summer vibes.

2) “Hits of 2016”

This is a mashup, made by T10MO, contains over 150 songs in one eight-minute mashup. That’s pretty impressive!

3) “2016 Mashup- Don’t Let Me Love You”

Although this mashup is almost a full 10 minutes, it presents an intense mashup of  over 90 pop songs from 2016.

4) “You Came for 2016”

This mashup by SuperScreamRock starts off serious and then transitions into a party song. The mashup then drops into a slow selection of songs that gradually build up and become more intense with a soft ending.

5) “Mashup 2016- We Were Young”

Made by AnDyWuMUSICLAND, this mashup is an overall intense mashup of 90 pop songs from 2016.

6) “Closer (Megamix)”

This is another mashup made by AnDyWuMUSICLAND. It’s made with less songs and is to the tune of ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers.

7) “United State of Pop 2016 (Into Pieces)”

DJ Earworm never fails to make great mashups recapping the year’s music in a year. This is just a small mashup of 25 popular songs from 2016, titled ‘Into Pieces’.